Horus RE Agency

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For the provinces of
- Modena : 03/5/2024
- Livorno : 03/5/2024
- Ragusa : 03/5/2024

Horus R.E. was founded in Trento, where the main office is still located. For some years now, a unit is also operating in Modena (Formigine) to better manage the North East area, where the company’s operations are more concentrated.
Thanks to our collaborations with agents and consultants operating in other areas of Italy, we guarantee a widespread presence throughout the peninsula and a highly personalized service.
Our mission is to guide clients in the realization of their sales or purchase objectives, both in Italy and abroad.
From the first individual consultation to the conclusion of the contract, along all the phases of the sale.
Our consultants, through a careful and precise analysis, are able to indicate the price, the market and the most suitable solution.

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Attic City Bassano del Grappa Veneto For sale

Attic City

180 M²

IT Bassano del Grappa - Veneto

Our autumn Saturday begins with a walk among autumn colors in Bassano del Grappa, a pretty medieval town located in the Vicenza area. This is the month of foliage and the mild...

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Cottage Quiet zone Ravenna Emilia-Romagna For sale

Cottage Quiet zone

590 M²

IT Ravenna - Emilia-Romagna

Ravenna, nestled between the rolling hills of Emilia Romagna and the Adriatic coast, city of mosaics, art and picturesque streets and monuments that tell stories of great...

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Villa Quiet zone Perugia Umbria For sale

Villa Quiet zone

500 M²
€ 1,250,000

IT Perugia - Umbria

Perugia, heir city of the Etruscans, famous for architecture, art and chocolate. And it is with the same delicacy as a Perugina Kiss that we hope to be skillful in presenting...

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Villa Quiet zone Castagneto Carducci Toscana For sale

Villa Quiet zone

149 M²
€ 980,000

IT Castagneto Carducci - Toscana

Some houses fall in love as soon as you walk in the gate. It creates a particular alchemy, I can not tell you if it's the details, the scents or the arrangements, the fact is...

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Villa Quiet zone Casciana Terme Toscana For sale

Villa Quiet zone

345 M²
€ 980,000

IT Casciana Terme - Toscana

Awarded by the Touring Club with the Orange Flag as a symbol of excellence in terms of hospitality and local attractions, the town of Casciana Terme Lari offers residents and...

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Villa Lake Toscolano-Maderno Lombardia For sale

Villa Lake

300 M²
€ 2,150,000

IT Toscolano-Maderno - Lombardia

Today we realize a dream! "Shoot it all" "me am going to an island to rent boats" "if you don't have the family here, I would leave now" As many times we have said or thought...

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Apartment Quiet zone Savignano sul Panaro Emilia-Romagna For sale

Apartment Quiet zone

150 M²
€ 520,000

IT Savignano sul Panaro - Emilia-Romagna

Savignano sul Panaro or, as they say in Modena, Savgnân d'cò Pànèra is a town in the province of Modena which is around 25 km away. It is located in an area rich in history...

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Commercial activity Mountain Predazzo Trentino-Alto Adige For sale

Commercial activity Mountain

256 M²
€ 800,000

IT Predazzo - Trentino-Alto Adige

Location is certainly a key aspect when evaluating an investment in an asset and, from this point of view, Predazzo offers great opportunities Here we are in Val di Fiemme in...

More detail
Villa Quiet zone Rovereto Trentino-Alto Adige For sale

Villa Quiet zone

450 M²
€ 1,950,000

IT Rovereto - Trentino-Alto Adige

Your dream of a villa in an exclusive, sheltered and sunny place but at the same time reachable in five minutes from the center of Rovereto is finally achievable. On the...

More detail
Cottage Quiet zone Castagneto Carducci Toscana For sale

Cottage Quiet zone

200 M²
€ 680,000

IT Castagneto Carducci - Toscana

Tired of the frenzy of the city, the skyscrapers and the omnipresent grey? It's time to start dreaming, because the opportunity to make your dreams a reality is closer than you...

More detail
Apartment City Trento Trentino-Alto Adige For sale

Apartment City

96 M²
€ 610,000

IT Trento - Trentino-Alto Adige

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Trento, a city that enchants not only for its strategic position among the wonders of Europe, but above all for its inimitable...

More detail
Palace City Pont-Canavese Piemonte For sale

Palace City

750 M²
€ 600,000

IT Pont-Canavese - Piemonte

Do you finally want to take your space to express your business ideas? Are you looking for a place to move with the whole family to finally make the quality leap you've long...

More detail
Cottage Mountain Castello Tesino Trentino-Alto Adige For sale

Cottage Mountain

480 M²
€ 620,000

IT Castello Tesino - Trentino-Alto Adige

The Maso Fradea is situated amidst unspoiled nature and with breathtaking views of the eastern Dolomites. The property is situated on an ancient mountain farm from the 1800s,...

More detail
Apartment City Modena Emilia-Romagna For sale

Apartment City

190 M²

IT Modena - Emilia-Romagna

Welcome to Modena, one of the economic gems of Europe, where luxury meets the bourgeois heart in this extraordinary apartment located in a building typical of the city's elite...

More detail
Terrain Quiet zone Ostuni Puglia For sale

Terrain Quiet zone

29900 M²

IT Ostuni - Puglia

Today we are going to visit a beautiful estate of about 3 hectares in the countryside of Ostuni, between the white city and the seaside cove of Gorgognolo. An area bordered by...

More detail
Apartment Lake Desenzano del Garda Lombardia For sale

Apartment Lake

80 M²

IT Desenzano del Garda - Lombardia

It will be the high mountains, the lake without end, the palms, the firs, the modern buildings, the ausburgic ones, the villages or the castles. Or the wind, which combs the...

More detail
Attic Lake Toscolano-Maderno Lombardia For sale

Attic Lake

90 M²
€ 550,000

IT Toscolano-Maderno - Lombardia

Today we are ready for a Vespa outing, the sun has already shown itself in all its splendour since early morning, contrasting with the turquoise sky. Riding along the western...

More detail
Villa Quiet zone Solarolo Rainerio Lombardia For sale

Villa Quiet zone

450 M²
€ 1,500,000

IT Solarolo Rainerio - Lombardia

In the heart of the Bassa Padana, halfway between Cremona and Mantua, Solarolo Rainerio is a town in the province of Cremona that has been able to maintain the typical approach...

More detail
Apartment Sea Scicli Sicilia For sale

Apartment Sea

180 M²

IT Scicli - Sicilia

Muhammad al-Idrisinei was sending to his sultan reports of travel to foreign lands. Arriving in Sicily, near Scicli he discovered a magical place where a source poured water...

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